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How to Buy

If you are interested in purchasing of any of the coins, banknotes or other products, please use a contac form to check availability, price and postage.


POSTAGE RATES ( Letters and Packets).


  Letter up to 0.5kg Standard Post

Letter up to 0.5kg

Registered Post*

Packet up to 0.5kg Standard Post

Packet up to 0.5kg

Registered Post*

Ireland €1.00 €8.00 €3.80 €8.20
Great Britain €1.70 €8.70 €5.50 €12.50
Europe* €1.70 €8.70 €6.00 €13.00
Rest of World* €1.70 €8.70 €7.00 €14.00


*Europe - all EU countries except Great Britain

*Rest of World - Africa, Australia, Azia, USA and South America

*Registered Post - Premium secure delivery service, Track & Trace service


Terms and Conditions


• Coins or other items will be sent on 7 days approval against remittance unless otherwise agreed.

• If a coin or other is returned to us, it must be returned in the same condition in which it was received and appropriately insured.

• Any email address sent to us or information collected by the website shall not be shared with any third party. Customer’s privacy is highly respected.