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Value: 2 Euro
Country: Ireland
Year: 2016
Composition: Bi-Metallic Nickel-brass clad Nickel center in Copper-nickel ring
Denomination: 4 500 000
Weight: 8.5 g
Diameter: 25.75 mm
Reference: KM# ?
Quality: Circulated
Price: €3.00
Description: The coin depicts the statue of Hibernia rising above the general post office building whose occupation in 1916 marked the start of the Easter Rising. Hibernia is the symbol of Ireland. Its name comes from the ancient Greek name of Ireland and its sculpture is the work of John Smyth. Hibernia is considered a witness to the events of 1916 and, a hundred years, he has witnessed the flowering of the nation based on the ideals of the Proclamation.
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