Sites to buy coins


Australia - The Perth Mint Australia


Austria - Austrian Mint


Canada - Royal Canadian Mint


China - China Gold Coin Incorporation


Ireland - Irish site to buy coins from the Central Bank of Ireland - Irish site to buy investment coins


Slovakia - Renouned Slovak site to buy coins and medals


England - The United Kingdom Mint - Reneved site to buy silver and gold investment coins


USA - The United States Mint - The site provides greate information about investing in precious metals


New Zealand - New Zealand Mint


Coin Organizations


IAPN - International Association of Professional Numismatists

BNTA - British Numismatic Trade Association

www.britnumsoc.orgf - British Numismatic Society - Numismatic Society of Ireland - Slovak Numismatic Society of Košice - Slovakia


Other Websites - The site with great online coin catalogue and forum - Interesting site to calculate the metal value old US coins